Domestic Services.

Door-to-Door service: Items are collected from the sender’s premises for overnight delivery to the receiver’s door overnight.

Economy service: This service will have delivery fulfilled within 1-4 business days from date of collection.

Long Haul: Provides a national primary haulage service across the country with deliveries.

Dedicated Contracts

Dedicated Contracts: Involves providing dedicated equipment to cover a range of services across industries. The dedicated contracts division specialties include introducing customised equipment and technology to enhance efficiencies and deliver a superior competitive advantage.

Industry Specific Services

Wine Service: This is our wine delivery specific service modelled between the Winelands and the rest of the country. We use superior packaging materials to further protect fragility.

Pharmaceutical Service: A counter to door medical deliveries executed throughout the day. and night on prior arrangement. We adhere to strict delivery times due to sensitive nature of the products.

Ready to get there Fasta?

Industries We Serve

• Retail
• Beverages
• Pharmaceuticals
• Automotive
• Agriculture
• Technology
• Packaging

Our Technology

Fasta’s technology allows for paperless and improved communication times, reducing unnecessary invoicing errors, improved driver monitoring and order/POD confirmation. Fasta operates a fully integrated track-and-trace system with an automated POD return process, using our TMS.

Fasta’s business model was developed with people, processes and technology in mind to satisfy our customers delivery requirements.