The packaging inside the agricultural business can facilitate to preserve food. It will also save you money on shipping costs and will aid in product branding. Plus, utilizing the proper agricultural packaging is important in delivering the freshest, best-looking products to your customers.


Supply chain is normally a process that is executed by multiple parties in production, warehousing, transport and retail – therefore to maintain a clear overview of the entire supply chain, good coordination of all resources is required. Fasta end-to-end supply chain solutions manage and support the entire supply chain flow –


Our healthcare logistics solutions, facilities and transport networks comply with relevant healthcare quality standards and regulations, and our tailor-made, integrated supply chain solutions manage everything in highly specialised and Fasta services storage facilities and transport networks.


When packing we only use clean, high quality packing materials (such as tubular plastic for couches, chairs and mattresses) to protect your furniture and goods. It is essential to consider special wrapping for your prized belongings. Your goods are being handled numerous times throughout the duration of transit. It is very important to us to see that your goods arrive at the new destination in the same condition as when we took delivery of them.


Innovations in transportation technology are essentially born out of three necessities: efficiency, ease and safety. Scientists and transportation industry professionals work side-by-side to ensure that these new technologies get more people (or things) to their destination faster, safer and with the fewest amount of resources possible


Need to move a vehicle from A to B in SA? We transport vehicles on our fleet of car carriers from our depots across South Africa – ensuring safe deliveries. Fasta offers first class vehicle transport and delivery services at a cost-effective rate. Equipped to relocate your valued motor vehicle to any city in South Africa.


The majority of FMCG shipments are handled in a palletised form. However, the means of transport are not made of rubber, and optimal load planning has an impact on both transport costs and safety. This is particularly important in the case of large and frequent transportation of fast-moving goods. The aim is to optimally plan cargo of a certain weight or different priorities. The possibility of grouping packages according to specific codes or priorities (e.g. goods for the same recipient), which facilitates unloading at the final destination, is also important.


This beverage transportation mode is a great choice for moving 1-10 pallet order quantities. But Less-than-truckload shipping does pose a different set of transportation issues than traditional full-truckload transport. But Less-than-truckloads hub-and-spoke model is a pervasive source of product overhandling. This can increase the likelihood of damage as your pallets are loaded and reloaded onto a truck. Yet, Less-than-truckload ranks better than parcel shipping when it comes to instances of damage. Less-than-truckload shippers must also tackle nuanced appointment scheduling. Unlike full truckload transport where appointments can be made in advance, suppliers can only schedule a delivery appointment once a Less-than-truckload carrier arrives at a terminal.



Fasta will arrange and monitor all transportation, door to door. We will also provide  customs clearance, where required, to expedite the door-to-door process throughout South Africa

Fasta services are available to you on a 24/7/365 basis, anywhere you may require them.

Fasta will provide all the shipment transaction and cost detail, in the format you specify.

Our fleet of vehicles consists of modern trucks, ranging from 1 Ton Pick-ups, 8-15 Ton Tautliner (curtain trucks), Pantechnicons (volume vans), Tri-axle Trailers & Superlink Articulated Flatbed trailers. Concargo through its Strategic Business Partnerships have a vast array of heavy transport and mobile cranes. Please see our service offering in our Services Portfolio, as well as the following: Abnormal Heavy Transport resources, Mobile Crane resources, Road Freight resources and Warehousing resources.

In addition to the comprehensive insurance coverage of our vehicle Fleet, the goods loaded on our non-owned hired or sub-contracted trailers have Goods-In-Transit cover of at least R500,000.00 per truckload. Please note that replacement value is exact or portion thereof if value is greater than insured amount. If uncertain, top-up